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Excerpts from the
Doofuzz Dudes and The Princess Detector

Excerpt 1
Under 'Hawthork' was the picture of a magnificent bird with glowing purple and pink plumage. Each wing was as wide as a slippery dip, and just as strong. The Hawthork wore goggles which were for night flying. The goggles also helped it to see through thick mists and fog. On its back was a saddle which had several seats in a row with room for quite a few passengers.

Excerpt 2
Toby rubbed his sleepy eyes. Through the heavy mist he could make out forests far below them, teaming with dinosaurs and dragons. Still they sped on, across several oceans - one red, one orange and another yellow. He caught glimpses of huge sea creatures he'd never seen before and brightly coloured fish with polka dot wings, flying and playing over the waves.

The sky was full of Hawthorks - some transporting passengers, while others had hot ovens mounted on their saddles. Goblins on board were selling food to fellow travellers.

 Excerpt 3
William led the way, and in single file they crossed the marsh, jumping from one purple stone to the next. The water bubbled ominously around them. Toby was too nervous to look down. In fact he thought that the stones weren't very stable. From time to time he could feel them wobbling. Weird noises were wafting from amongst the reeds and the contorted trees growing out of the murky waters.

Excerpt 4
The grotesque beast, wearing a dog collar of heavy metal spikes, hovered above them. Someone had fitted its claws with razor sharp metal talons and its black leathery face sneered down at them. It opened its cruel beak, piercing the air with a bloodcurdling screech, and the Hawthorks shrieked out in terror. Toby thought it was lucky they were tethered, otherwise they might have flown away.

Seated on the Dorik's back in a shining, charcoal coloured saddle, festooned with silver studs, was an equally sinister Prince Florian. His ebony hair was slicked back with oil and his long black cloak fluttered in the wind. He looked even more evil than the last time they'd met.

Excerpt 5
Toby looked up in horror to see the light in the hall obscured by a gigantic man with two heads. The group dropped their things on the floor in their shock. Brandishing an axe above his heads, the Giant moved towards them with massive steps. He had a look of pure evil in all four of his eyes.