The Doofuzz Dudes Rescue Moondar

The Doofuzz Dudes The Princess Detector

The Doofuzz Dudes and the Babbling Bottles

The Doofuzz Dudes The Black Pearl of Laramoth

The Doofuzz Dudes The Cobra Curse

The Doofuzz Dudes The Space Spiders

The Doofuzz Dudes The Blood Tree

The Doofuzz Dudes The Planet Zok

The Doofuzz Dudes The Ozone Thief

The Doofuzz Dudes Fearless Forest Fighters

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The Editors

Beverley Asmus and Dr. Bob Rich are the editors of the Doofuzz Dudes series.

Beverley Asmus lives in Queensland, Australia . She has a twelve year old, champagne coloured toy poodle called Barnni, who likes to hide in the wardrobe. She has two young koalas, Itchy and Scratchy who spend their days in the gum tree at the bottom of Beverley's garden. Also there is a family of butcher birds, magpies and parrots, who squabble in the trees. A kookaburra sits on her verandah and laughs at her every morning.

Beverley can be contacted for work on