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William Mumford


Who is William Mumford and where does he live? - William lives next door to Toby and Huon Doofuzz in Sunshine Grove.

Age - He is eleven years of age.

School - Sunshine Grove Primary School .

His Parents - His father is Detective Mumford. Detective Mumford sometimes takes the Doofuzz Dudes out night exploring. William's mother works in an office.

What is William like? - William wears glasses. He always seems to be having an accident with his glasses. They always seem to be getting stamped on by giants, or some such drama. William is a member of the Boy Scouts so he is very helpful to go with on adventures because he knows how to find food in the wilderness. He is also an excellent rock climber. Unfortunately, William has eczema which means he becomes very itchy when he is nervous. Therefore he is always scratching his arms and legs because a lot of nerve wracking things happen to the Doofuzz Dudes on the way to Moondar, and on their journey to rescue Princess Krystina. He chews a lot of chewing gum to calm his nerves. Because William's father is a detective, he is very worried about everyone obeying the law.

Special Facts - William has a tree house in his backyard. This is the official meeting place for the Doofuzz Dudes.

Nicknames - Howard Soured calls William, 'Mummy's boy', probably because he can't pronounce 'Mumford'!

Hobbies - Boy Scouts.

What he wants to be when he grows up - a Fireman.

Favourite Foods - Choc Chip Muffins, Stir Fries and Banana Pancakes.

Doesn't Like to Eat - Baked Beans, Bat ears and Moondarian food.