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Tom Halfweeg


Who is Tom Halfweeg? - Tom Halfweeg is Huon Doofuzz's best friend.

Where does he live? - Tom lives close to Toby, Huon and William in Sunshine Grove.

Age - He is eleven years old.

School - Sunshine Grove Primary School .

His Parents - Tom's father works for the Council and he is in charge of the Council's parks. Tom's father got Mrs. Halfweeg a job as his assistant.

His father has taught Tom a lot about nature and about looking after the environment. This information comes in pretty handy when the Doofuzz Dudes are on the road to Moondar, and later, when they have to find the missing Princess. Tom is very proud of his father and never stops talking about him.

What is Tom like ? - Tom has a great sense of humour, and he also likes to cross his eyes and make funny faces. Everyone always laughs when they see that. Tom wears braces on his teeth, and he used to have blonde hair, but when he started swimming in chlorinated water, his hair turned green. He is extremely proud when Zarundok tells him that his green hair is mentioned in the Moondarian Oracles. Unfortunately Tom suffers from asthma, which seems to strike when he is nervous. Therefore he carries his puffer with him all the time.

Nicknames - Howard Soured calls Tom 'Half Weed'. This just shows his ignorance, since Halfweeg is a Dutch name.

Hobbies - Swimming, watching wrestling on television.

What he wants to be when he grows up - an Astronaut.

Favourite Foods - Choc chip muffins, Fish and Chips, Peanut Butter Sandwiches and Banana Pancakes.

Doesn't like to Eat - Bat ears and Moondarian food.