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Toby Doofuzz


Who is Toby Doofuzz? - Toby is the younger brother of Huon Doofuzz.

Age - He has just turned nine years of age.

Where does he live? - Sunshine Grove.

School - Sunshine Grove Primary School .

His Parents - His father died when he was just a toddler. His mother originally came from Russia . She is very kind, and a very good cook.

What is Toby like? - Toby has black hair and purple eyes which is very unusual (only the purple eyes are unusual!). Toby is quite short for his age. He thinks Kimberley Nelson is pretty cute. Toby is mentioned in the Moondarian and Lundarian Oracles which is quite amazing.

Nicknames - Howard Soured (the school bully), calls Toby, 'whacky eyes'. Howard also likes to call Toby, 'Dufus', which really upsets Toby.

Hobbies - Collecting Zombie Man Comics.

What he wants to be when he grows up - Toby hasn't decided yet. Maybe he'll just be a King.

Favourite Foods - Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Frogs, Crumbed Cutlets, Ham and Cheese Rolls and Banana Pancakes.

Doesn't like to eat - Moondarian food and Bat ears.