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Howard Soured

Who is Howard Soured ? - Howard is the school bully. His gang is called 'Howard Soured and his Boys'.

Where does he live ? - He lives in Sunshine Grove.

Age: He is eleven years of age.

School - He goes to Sunshine Grove Primary School .

What is Howard like ? - He is a bully of course, and he is also very rude. He has red hair and freckles. He seems to particularly dislike the Doofuzz Dudes for some reason. It is probably because he is jealous of the fact that they are such good friends. Howard is extremely anxious to get hold of the Spell Book. Unfortunately he seems to always appear when he is least expected.

Hobbies : Bullying people.

What he wants to be when he grows up - Some job where he can bully people around.

Favourite Foods - Who cares? It could be chocolate though.

Doesn't like to Eat - Who cares?