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The Doofuzz Dudes  The Black Pearl of Laramoth
The Doofuzz Dudes The Black Pearl of Laramoth

There are two Pearls of Laramoth. Both possess incredible powers. The White Pearl is said to hold the power to destroy. The Black Pearl has the power to heal. The Moondarians have the Black Pearl. Shah Shane’s spoilt nephew, Horath the Horrible, has the White Pearl.

Horath wants both pearls to make the world his oyster – not to mention world domination! Needing to find a way to persuade the Moondarians to hand over the Black Pearl, he kidnaps Toby and leaves this ransom demand:
‘Bring me the Black Pearl of Laramoth within twenty four hours and I will return King Toby. Otherwise you’ll never see him again!’

But is it as simple as Horath thinks?
What amazing thing happens when Toby’s inventive cousin, Jared, joins forces with the Sandel of Kloon?

Don’t miss out on Book Four in the Doofuzz Dudes series by your favourite author, Roslyn J. Motter